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Swiss development cooperation - video of the evaluation results 2014

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10.11.2015 Sustainable charcoal – a no-cost switch to environmentally friendly cooking

Charcoal Briquettes Tanzania Ltd., Gaia’s joint venture with ARTI Energy, provides alternative charcoal produced from agricultural waste and other biomass. The briquettes can directly replace the wood-based charcoal used for cooking in households, restaurants and other institutions. After a successful entry to institutional markets in Tanzania, the company is now launching retail sales in Dar es Salaam.

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05.11.2015 Efficient waste sorting and new collecting and handling methods needed to meet recycling goals (in Finnish)

Yhdyskuntajätteen kierrätysasteen nostaminen yli 50 %:n vaatii useita uusia toimia niin jätteenkeräyksessä kuin -käsittelyssä eikä yhtä oikotietä kierrätysasteen nostoon ole.

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23.10.2015 Gaia signs Diversity Charter to further promote diversity

Gaia is strongly committed to promoting diversity in all its activities, whether it refers to ethnicity, language, nationality, sexual orientation, gender, age, disability or religion. By signing FIBS Corporate Responsibility Network’s Diversity Charter, Gaia ensures that diversity remains at the very core of its growing business.

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10.11.2015 The Arctic: The tipping point where business opportunities meet vulnerable nature

It is in the Arctic where soft law meets geopolitics, environmental change meets indigenous cultures, and business opportunities and potential access to natural reserves meet extremely vulnerable nature. The enormous opportunities and risks are further complicated by the fact that even if we fight to save the Arctic, the melting ice in the Arctic Sea may not save us. Uncertainty is at the heart of discussions about human activities in the Arctic.

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Iiro Immonen
Iiro Immonen

“Nature and sea in particular have always been close to my heart. In my childhood, I spent a lot of time with my parents at our summer cottage and sailing in the beautiful Finnish archipelago. I hope we can enjoy pure nature and preserve its biodiversity in the future. Working for clean environment and sustainable business is motivating, and I believe that they do not conflict with profitable business or economic growth. Efficiency and rational allocation of resources bring also savings in costs."

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