Swiss development cooperation 2014
Swiss development cooperation - video of the evaluation results 2014

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01.09.2014 Gaia strengthens its expertise on sustainable energy

Gaia has strengthened its energy team by hiring a new expert on sustainable energy. As the risks on the global energy market are growing and the market is getting more complex, Gaia will continue to offer clients profound understanding on energy issues.

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29.08.2014 Switzerland pioneers in assessing the effectiveness of climate action in development cooperation

Gaia, together with Zoï Environment Network and Creatura Ltd., has put together a pioneering evaluation of the effects of climate change mitigation and adaptation in Swiss development cooperation projects. The results are relevant to other countries as well.

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22.08.2014 Gaia chosen to develop the quality regulation of the Finnish power grid (in Finnish)

Energiavirasto on valinnut Gaian kehittämään Suomen sähköverkon ja maakaasun siirtoverkon laaturegulaatiota. Työn tavoitteena on parantaa sähkön toimitusvarmuutta. Gaia toteuttaa projektin yhteistyössä Netstra Oy:n ja Kuluttajatutkimuskeskuksen kanssa.

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17.06.2014 Environmental offsets – A license to trash or an effective tool to save the planet?

Since the 1970s, environmental offsetting has been used in several countries as an instrument to reduce water pollution, to prevent the loss of habitats and biodiversity, to encourage energy efficiency and to cut greenhouse gas emissions. Looking back at the track record of offsetting, its results look mixed, and environmental professionals disagree on whether offsetting is creating additional much-needed environmental measures or actually discouraging responsible development.

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Juha Vanhanen
Juha Vanhanen

“Creating new business opportunities and developing efficient solutions for our customers really motivates me. I have extensive experience with Cleantech business, renewable energy sources and environmental-friendly energy technologies – all essential to make the world safer and cleaner.

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