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21.08.2014 Sustainable energy has a strong foothold in a competition for best energy initiatives (in Finnish)

Tekniikka&Talous-lehden Vuoden energiateko -kilpailun finaalissa on mukana runsaasti kestäviä energiaratkaisuja, muun muassa aurinkoenergiaa, bioenergiaa, energiatehokkuusratkaisuja sekä energianeuvontaa. Gaia on mukana kilpailun raadissa.

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27.06.2014 Finland is exploring the possibilities of biofuels in aviation

Gaia, Neste Oil, Finnair, Finavia, the Finnish Ministry of Transport and Communications, the Finnish Ministry of Employment and the Economy, and Service Design Agency Diagonal are exploring the possibilities of using biofuel in aviation at Helsinki-Vantaa airport.

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12.06.2014 Särkänniemi amusement park has solar potential

Särkänniemi amusement park, located in Tampere Finland, could produce 600 MWh of solar electricity per year; the same amount that is consumed annually by 30 electrically heated single-family houses. The park could also produce solar heat that could be used to heat the pool in the Dolphinarium.

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17.06.2014 Environmental offsets – A license to trash or an effective tool to save the planet?

Since the 1970s, environmental offsetting has been used in several countries as an instrument to reduce water pollution, to prevent the loss of habitats and biodiversity, to encourage energy efficiency and to cut greenhouse gas emissions. Looking back at the track record of offsetting, its results look mixed, and environmental professionals disagree on whether offsetting is creating additional much-needed environmental measures or actually discouraging responsible development.

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Tuomas Raivio
Tuomas Raivio 

“After having my dissertation on applied mathematics in Helsinki University of Technology, now Aalto University, I spent a couple of years developing multiphysics simulation tools in a small company. Boy that was cool."

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