© Iivo Vehviläinen
© Iivo Vehviläinen

Gaia – Innovative Solutions for Sustainability

Gaia Group is a leading partner for corporations, international organisations, and private and public institutions looking for innovative solutions for sustainability. 


With Gaia, sustainability will become an integrated part of your organisation’s business strategy enhancing both your competitive edge and corporate responsibility.

Expertise in the core fields of sustainability

Gaia works with its clients in all the core fields of sustainability: environment, energy and climate. Our expertise ranges from risk and safety management to due diligence and business development. 


We provide our clients with profound and multi-disciplinary know-how and a cross-sectoral approach to their challenges. We combine extensive client experience across industries and fields of public sector with a deep understanding of the challenges of, and solutions to sustainability.


Sustainability through targeted, tailored and innovative solutions

A large part of our work requires groundbreaking  solutions to complex challenges such as climate change and the management of natural resources. Hence the Gaia approach to the client’s needs means combining substance expertise into a profound understanding of the client’s business. We always tailor the most effective and feasible measures for each specific client, and aim at cost-effective and measurable solutions. 


Our service portfolio includes a wide array of services ranging from extensive research to pragmatic consultancy services on strategic and operational levels.


Long-established partnerships all around the world

Gaia has offices in Europe, China, Africa and Latin America, and we collaborate with clients all around the world through our network of professionals and partners.


A large part of our business stems from successful long-term collaboration that over the years has developed into strategic partnerships. Alongside long-established client relations, we enjoy collaboration with new clients inspiring us to combine our expertise with their sustainability challenges.

Extensive experience with leading private and public sector clients

Gaia has a proven track record of delivering results and value to leading clients from the private and public sector. 


Our work for key private sector clients ranges from strategic management consultancy to implementation of programmes towards enhanced sustainability.


We have carried out projects in the fields of energy, climate change, bio-based economy, green growth, innovation, environment, risk management and environmental health and safety for our key public sector clients such as several governmental, United Nations and international organisations. 

Highly qualified and committed staff

Gaia employs a group of multi-disciplinary experts, who are driven by commitment to high quality and highest level of client-satisfaction. Our team of experts combine creative problem solving with innovative pragmatic thinking to provide a range of sustainability solutions. Our team has successfully operated in demanding circumstances such as conflict areas and disaster zones. We also have experience in working with senior government officials, business leaders and international organisations.


Our Clients Make the World Safer and Cleaner. 

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