Gaia is an independent company, owned by its personnel. After more than 20 years of business, we have one of the world’s largest and most experienced teams in our field. We have helped over 700 companies and organizations to make the world a cleaner and safer place.

Each of our clients is at a different stage of their sustainability journey. Some are still considering what sustainability can offer them, while others are implementing their sustainability strategies. What is your need? Can we help you to map opportunities and risks? Should we join forces to innovate and implement sustainable solutions?

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  • Established in 1993
  • Employs some 50 professionals
  • Turnover about EUR 5 million
  • The largest consultancy for sustainable business in Finland, and one of the most experienced in the world
  • Offices in Finland, Switzerland, Sweden, Ethiopia, China, Argentina and the United States
  • Over 700 clients and more than 1,000 assignments
  • Approximately 160 clients per year, mostly private corporations


Gaia goes beyond carbon neutrality: We systematically reduce our climate emissions and compensate all remaining company emissions by 200 %. We offset more greenhouse gas emissions than we produce in order to contribute to the removal of emissions from the atmosphere, which makes us a climate positive company. We also tackle climate change issues every day together with our clients and partners.

We offset our own emissions annually through a reliable offset provider in climate mitigation projects that promote sustainable development and clean energy.

We calculate our greenhouse gas emissions and report our carbon footprint annually. When travelling for business, we favour public transportation and use electronic communication media to reduce international travel whenever possible.

We systematically minimise our consumption of hot water, paper and electricity. We always consider the entire life cycle of the products we use, from raw materials and manufacturing to waste recycling. We avoid unnecessary chemicals and favour organic and fair trade food products.



Our work is based on absolute trust between our clients and us. We work transparently, keep our promises and provide our clients with all relevant information.


We provide our clients with the best and most accurate results possible based on available data. We draw our conclusions from solid facts.


We are committed to the highest quality of work; we decline assignments that are not possible to achieve. We always make sure that the client and the consultant have a mutual understanding of the assignment.



We care for our customers, we care for each other. Our heart is in all we do.


We are courageous and visionary. We see opportunities, not obstacles.

Create impact

We work for measurable sustainability impacts with quality, objectivity and integrity.



These are our key elements of our strategy. Through professionalism, we can impact your business. Our ultimate goal is to make the world cleaner and safer with you. Credibility cannot be claimed - it has to be earned. It is a constant reminder to keep our ultimate focus on client satisfaction. Continuity comes through profitability and the loyalty of our clients and employees. It also enables us to invest in our clients’ future.



In ancient Greek mythology, Gaia was the goddess who personified the Earth. She was the Mother Goddess, the creator of the Earth and the universe. In modern times, the name Gaia is perhaps better known from James Lovelock’s Gaia hypothesis. It proposes that all living organisms and inorganic material on Earth form a living dynamic system, which maintains the Earth as a fit environment for life.



Gaia’s story started in 1993 when young entrepreneurs Pasi Rinne and Juha Vanhanen began providing, together with like-minded professionals, consulting services on environmental management and the energy business. The core team had acquired strong expertise from academic studies and from working on environmental and energy issues both in Finland and abroad. With fearless attitude, a large network and a strong belief in its mission, Gaia secured assignments from leading corporate customers – for example from the paper and pulp industry, the logistics and transport sector, and the energy industry – as well as from national and international public authorities.

Gaia initially focused on a handful of customers, aiming to turn them into environmental champions within their own sector. Scrutinising their environmental management systems, training and communications practices as well as their energy issues gave these clients a clear competitive edge. Gaia was also well known for the annual environmental management conference it organised in Finland as well as for its energy sector benchmarking studies. In only a few years, Gaia gained a strong position in Finland and began to get assignments from all over Northern Europe.


Around the turn of the millennium, Gaia’s strategic focus was expanded to include risk assessment, logistics and foresight studies. In 1999, the United Nations gave Gaia the paramount and historic assignment of leading the environmental assessment of the Kosovo conflict. The assignment led to many more strategic projects with the UN, providing critical environmental assistance to war-torn and disaster-stricken areas around the world.

In 2001, Mari Hjelt (Ms) joined the company and the new business areas brought Gaia new growth. The expanded team moved to bigger premises in Helsinki and two new offices were opened in Kouvola and Turku in Finland. By the time Gaia started its first foreign office in Switzerland in 2007, many of its clients were global corporations and international organisations. Assignments related to climate change increased, and Gaia’s strategic focus shifted from environment, risks and energy to Innovative Solutions for Sustainability.


In 2008, extensive new projects in China enabled investments in partnerships and a long-term presence in the country. Consultancy assignments in China, especially those with cleantech companies, led to consideration of other emerging markets. Gaia started working in Ethiopia in 2009 and continues to work there, developing sustainable business solutions that generate lasting development. The partnership in Ethiopia enabled Gaia to set up an office in Addis Ababa in 2010 and paved the way for a strong partnership in a sustainable charcoal business in Tanzania starting in 2012.

The establishment of an office in Buenos Aires in 2011 helped to extend Gaia’s sustainable business solutions to Southern and Central America, and led to a partnership in Bolivia in 2014. Long-term collaboration with a US-based consultancy opened a door to the US market and allowed Gaia to set up an office in Chicago in 2013.


Gaia’s voyage since 1993 includes work with some 700 clients in more than 1,000 projects all over the world - from Eastern China to the Pacific Coast of the United States and from Southern Africa to the Arctic. We’ve helped corporations, organisations and institutions make the world a cleaner and safer place.

When Gaia was founded, environmental and climate issues and energy efficiency were considered branding tools more than anything else. Today, they are an important and integrated part of operations and decisions at any respectable organisation. Sustainability is about making profitable investments, creating new jobs and being financially sound. Moreover, the urgency to reduce the consumption of non-renewable natural resources and greenhouse gas emissions, to protect clean water supplies, to feed the growing global population and to generate energy for the ever-growing consumption is enormous.

With more than 20 years’ experience and wisdom behind us, combined with the general enthusiasm and support for sustainability, we think that the next 20 years will be a time of non-stop action for Gaia!



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