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Swiss development cooperation - video of the evaluation results 2014

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18.11.2014 Microfinance brings clean energy and development to Ethiopia

Gaia is cooperating with MicroEnergy International, Swan Management and three Ethiopian microfinance institutions to initiate an innovative and replicable microcredit mechanism to finance clean energy technologies for households and small and medium size enterprises in Ethiopia.

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13.11.2014 Senior Consultant / Senior Advisor

We are looking to further strengthen our team of multi-disciplinary experts with a Senior Consultant with experience in the mining industry and environmental management.

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11.11.2014 More heat pumps – lower energy consumption, more jobs, better trade balance

The environment, the economy and the consumer’s wallet will benefit, if heat pumps become more common in Finland. It will lower our energy consumption, create consumer savings, increase employment and improve Finland’s trade balance, says a report commissioned by The Finnish Heat Pump Association (SULPU) from Gaia.

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31.10.2014 Towards a nickel society – with cold fusion? (in Finnish)

Mitä jos omakotitaloa lämmitettäisiin vuosi grammalla nikkeliä ja autot myytäisiin toistaiseksi tankattuina? Viimeaikaiset tutkimustulokset kylmäfuusiosta säväyttävät.

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Ville Karttunen
Ville Karttunen

"My professional history is strongly and widely in different sectors of the energy value chain. After finishing my Master’s Degree in Industrial Engineering and Management, I worked for one of the largest energy companies in Nordic region for 7 years."

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