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01.04.2014 The green bond market is blooming

SEB, one of the top Nordic corporate banks, forecasts that green bonds will account for 10–15 percent of the corporate bond markets by 2020. “Raising money earmarked for green business development can be a significant step on the way to a new, more sustainable way of thinking and doing business,” says Pasi Rinne, Chairman of the Board at Gaia.

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19.03.2014 Energy efficiency gives small and medium sized companies a competitive edge

With the right support measures, small and medium sized companies can reduce their environmental impact and boost their bottom line with improved energy efficiency.

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27.02.2014 Students to evaluate environmental projects (In Finnish)

Gaia ja Nuorten akatemia uudistavat ympäristöhankkeiden arviointimenetelmiä. Gaia vastaa ympäristöministeriön vihreän talouden kokeiluhankkeiden arvioinnista vuonna 2014, ja Nuorten Akatemia on rekrytoinut arvioinnin havainnoijiksi 18 nuorta opiskelijaa eri puolilta Suomea.

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26.03.2014 Climate funding needs transparency

Adapting to the impacts of climate change will require major climate action and massive increases in climate finance. Public funding must be used in more effective and transparent ways and in manners that catalyze private funding for climate mitigation as well as adaptation.

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Johan Lunabba
Johan Lunabba

“I have a diverse background in governmental and international organisations. Before joining the Gaia team, I worked for a major humanitarian organisation coordinating and developing disaster preparedness activities and response operations both nationally and internationally."

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